Meet our Board


Kelli Hansen, Warrior for mental health and creator of this movement. 

Mom of 3 incredible kids
Tattoo Connoisseur
Thrill Seeking Adventurer
NLP Master Jedi Life Coach
Professional Mental Health Speaker and educator
International Film Festival Creator and Host

Welcome to our family and movement. 

Thank you for being alive! You are not alone! You Matter! Together we will make mental health matter!!

Executive Team: 
Fundraising Coordinator 

Marketing Manager 
Event Coordinator

3 Positions Open

Volunteer board member positions. All board meetings are via Zoom, so do not necessarily have to be located in Colorado, however we have board meetings monthly for 1 hour and do need a commitment to attend all (yes life happens, we know) and be engaged.

Please send email to if you're interested in applying for these positions. 

We need your help!!

We are an equal opportunity board, we want diversity, male and female energies, all genders, races and a voice from all. 

Executive Team: Secretary

Laurie Roshak

Our Newest Board Member

Curt Jackson

Events and Education Coordinator

Beth Roybal

Beth is a founding wellness partner with amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, because mental wellness is everything.   We all have physical health and mental health; you can not have one without the other.  I am a mom to three grown daughters and “gammy/goggy” to five grandsons, ranging from 3 – 20!  The loss of kids to suicide in my grandsons’ school district in the last couple of years left me heartbroken and determined to contribute and support our community.  I became certified in Mental Health First Aid for Youth and Adults and in doing so, realized just how critical this education could be for our youth and the adults in their lives.  I am excited to bring a mental wellness component to mental health and hope to make an impact by helping others realize they do matter.  We all have “dragons” of some sort in our lives, and I am going to be part of the solution to help slay those dragons.  I am honored to serve with Kelli, the mission and the BCC Evolution Board and volunteers, as we were made for a time such as this.

Julia Pic.jpg
Community Outreach, Educational Coordinator

Julia Gold

Julia Gold LPC, LCADC is a psychotherapist and supervisor who has over 15 years experience working with individuals and businesses in crisis. She is the owner and founder of Hopeful Bluebird Consulting, LLC and currently helps executives and entrepreneurs recover from toxic workplaces, career paralysis, and imposter syndrome. She works with organizations to create a positive work culture, diversity and inclusion, burn out prevention and de-escalation strategies. 

Julia has a unique style of blending her academic experience with her life experience and acts as a catalyst for executives to go from career paralysis to career success. Julia works as a disrupter and change agent within organizational systems with high chaos and conflict transform to cohesion. Julia has traveled to over 50 countries and uses her expertise to transform adventure travel experiences to enhance leadership skills.

Our Grant Team

Bryce Kruger

Team Lead

I’m an architect of organizational connective tissue & cultivator of organic human experiences; driven by mutual growth and visualizing the unseen. Be present, stay curious, listen more. He has years of experience in nonprofit management.  

Madison Workman

I'm a cat mom, special educator, traveler, tattoo collector and Animal Crosser. I joined this team because I believe in the power of mental health education and the work BCC does. 

Jen Suffoletto

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, singer, volunteer, activist and yogi. I believe happiness is a choice made every day. 

"At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want."